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Terms of Service

These terms of service (“Terms of Service”) set forth the rules for using the premiumcare.shop store, owned by 30CARE Sp. z O. O., a company duly incorporated under the laws of Poland, registered in the city of Lublin Hugo Kollataja 3 /15, 20–006, company number 0000868193.

Working Days – means days from Monday to Friday, with the exception of statutory holidays in Poland.

 Account – a resource within the e-store containing personal and other relevant data, including Payment Information, credentials, and documents related to its purchasing activity, provided by the Customer; created at the Customer’s request after a successful registration.

Customer – an individual client capable of upholding a transaction; a person not directly related to either the entrepreneur or their business activity.Cart – a piece of software within the e-store, supporting and relating to an integral part of the purchasing process – that allows the Customers to select the Goods for purchase.

Carrier – a third party responsible for transporting purchased Goods from the Warehouse directly to Customers.

Newsletter – A free electronic service provided by the Seller with the purpose of informing the Customer of the novelties in the Store by periodically submitting selected and appropriately edited content in the form of an electronic message.

Privacy Policy – a separate document concerning the protection of privacy, constituting an integral part of these Terms of Service, available at all times on the e-store.
Terms of Service – the aforementioned and hereby presented Terms of Service; Terms of Service are at all times available at the e-store and must be accepted prior to making a purchase or creating an account.

Registration – a process of creating an Account by the Customer, completion of which enables him or her to participate in activities reserved for Registered Customers. Registration does not constitute the ability to place an order on the website.

E-store – an online service available at premiumcare.shop and subpages of the same, operated by 30CARE Sp. z O. O.  and dedicated to Customers; or, in other words, a Business-to-Client sales module through which clients may place a purchase 

Goods – products or services offered by 30CARE at the e-store, constituting the subject matter of the Purchase Agreement; all crucial information regarding each product are included at the dedicated product subpage
Purchase Agreement – a binding and enforceable agreement entered into by and between the Customer and  30CARE Sp. z O. O once the confirmed Order of the Customer gets accepted by  30CARE Sp. z O. O  its terms and conditions incorporate these Terms of Service by reference.

Order – an offer made by the Customer that, if accepted by  30CARE Sp. z O. O,  leads to the conclusion of the Purchase Agreement; as a rule, Orders may only be placed via the Cart; in exceptional cases – via email; online Orders may be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the whole year; the Order processing takes place between 9am to 5pm CET+1 on Working Days; Orders can be made only for Goods currently available on the e-store.

Payment Information – details required for the purchase of Goods through the Platform, including, without limitation, credit/debit card numbers, bank account numbers, and other information provided by the Customer.

Service(s) – a collective term for all the online resources, facilities, tools and information that 30CARE Sp. z O. O. makes available through the e-store.

Warehouse – a storing facility from which all Orders are dispatched, located in Zemborzycka 59F, 20-445, Lublin, Poland.


1. These Terms of Service set forth the terms upon which the Customer may use the premiumcare.shop e-store; in particular, they define the terms of placing and modifying Orders, creating Accounts, effecting payments, procuring delivery, filing complaints, and all other rights and duties binding upon the Customer and  30CARE Sp. z O. O. as regards Goods purchased via the e-store.

2. The Customer must first thoroughly read and understand these Terms of Service before making use of the E-store.

3. The E-store is dedicated to individual Customers, whether they hold an Account or not. It provides each Customer with Services, free-of-charge, and around the clock, throughout the year. The Services include: ordering forms, registration and login forms, Account, Cart, search bar, favorite products, individual price list, dedicated discounts, previous Orders, payment and shipping information, newsletters, complaint and returns modules.

4. In order to use the E-Store the Customer must satisfy the minimum technical requirements as listed below:

– the Customer must use a telecommunications terminal equipment (such as, for instance, a computer or smartphone) with one of the following browsers installed on it: Mozilla FireFox 20.0 or newer, Apple Safari 4.0 or newer, Google Chrome 23.0 or newer, all with active Java Script and Cookies;
– the Customer must own an active e-mail account;
– the recommended minimum screen resolution is 1024×768 pixels.

5. The Customer may not use obscene or vulgar language, deliver any content that is unlawful or otherwise objectionable, or use the E-store in a manner that is disruptive or disturbing to either one or both, the site and the Customers.

6. All agreements, whether Purchase Agreements or otherwise, are in accordance with Polish and/or EU laws, and made primarily in English.

7. All changes in these Terms of Service will be made known to the Customers.


1. An Account is not obligatory to proceed with placing an order via the E-store; both registered and guest Customers may equally place orders and use the store to its full ability.

2. All provided information must be accurate and truthful; information must be up to date.

3. The Customer may not share its Account details, such as a login and password. Should the Customer have reason to believe that its Account details have been accessed, intercepted, or otherwise abused by a third party, it should immediately contact  30CARE Sp. z O. O..  30CARE Sp. z O. O. may not be held liable for any losses or damages sustained or incurred as a result of unauthorized or reckless sharing of the Account details.

4. By creating an Account the Customer agrees to be bound by and comply with these Terms of Service.

5. The Account is created after completing registration and requires no additional verification.


1. In order to obtain a registered Customer status, the Customer must first undergo the registration process and thus create an Account;

2. User gains the Registered Customer Status by completing the necessary registration activities in the E-Store by following the interactive forms. The customer completes the form by referring to the relevant messages displayed upon it while completing the form (in particular, the customer provides his / her real and mandatory information) and then activates the “Complete Registration” button.

3. A Customer might also create an account during the purchasing process by activating the „Register me now” button.

4. The Customer must accurately and truthfully fill in all required fields of the interactive form available at premiumcare.shop.

5. Activating the Account is equal to agreeing to these Terms of Service; it leads directly to the creation of a binding agreement between the Customer and 30CARE Sp. z O. O. for the provision of Services.

6. The Customer may terminate the agreement for the provision of Services at any given moment. The termination takes effect immediately after effectively reaching 30CARE Sp. z O. O..  The termination can be declared by:
e-mail to hello@premiumcare.shop


1. No part of the Platform is intended or may be understood to be, or may be treated as, a contractual offer capable of acceptance within the meaning – the Polish Civil Code.

2. Orders can be placed by both registered and guest Customers of the E-store. A non-registered Customer should be aware that he or she is obliged to accept these Terms of Service with each and every order they place.

3. The Customer makes an Order by virtually adding Goods to a Cart. The contents of a Cart can be freely modified.

4. Once the Cart contents are confirmed, the Customer must provide shipping and invoicing addresses, and choose a shipping and payment method. Once the Customer activates the “Confirm your Order” button the Order is finally confirmed and may be undergo further processing; the Customer will receive a confirmation email.

5. Each time before sending the Order to the Seller, the Customer is provided with a summary of the Order for confirmation, ie the total price and exact details of the Order. At this point the customer can make a final modification of the order before submitting it.

6. The order submitting process allows Customers to make final adjustments or correct any possible mistakes prior to finalizing the order.

Should any errors or mistakes be noticed in the shipping/invoicing data after the Order has been confirmed, the Customer may get them corrected using contact details at all times available on the E-store; mistakes must be corrected prior to shipping and 30CARE Sp. z O. O. assumes no liability on account of mistakenly submitted information.

7. The Order is binding upon both the Customer and 30CARE Sp. z O. O. as of the moment it has been confirmed, through email communication and online confirmations.

8. The content of the concluded Sales Agreement is secured and made available to the Customer through the E-Store’s sales system, including in the Client’s Account and sent to the Client’s email address when submitting the Order.

The customer who submitted the Order and received a statement of acceptance of the offer by the Seller will be given a digital document in the form of an order confirmation together with his order number, confirming the conclusion of the Agreement together with its contents, as indicated in the preceding sentence.

9. Order processing commences:
– for Orders settled via Bank Card– once the payment is registered and confirmed by payment provider;
– for Orders settled via PayPal – once the payment is registered and confirmed by PayPal;

for Orders settled via an international wire transfer – once the payment has credited the bank account of 30CARE Sp. z O. O.

10. The Customer may cancel the Order prior to the shipping of the Goods by contacting 30CARE Sp. z O. O.  and clearly stating its intention to cancel; relevant contact details are at all times available on the E-Store website.

11. Should the Order be impossible to partially or completely carry out due to unpredicted factors, 30CARE Sp. z O. O. will inform the Customer and refund all dues.


1. All prices listed in the store are EUR retail prices that include a 23% VAT rate; prices do not contain potential shipping and duty fees or charges.

2. The total price of the Order is calculated according to the choices made by the Customer in the Order form, in accordance with the rates indicated there. The binding total value is indicated to the Customer in the Order Summary presented to the Customer both in the purchasing process as well as an e-mail confirmation provided to the client after he or she confirms their order.

3. The Customer can choose one of the available payment options:

  • PayPal

  • Bank Card

5. 30CARE Sp. z O. O. will issue an invoice for each Order;

6. All invoice data provided by the Customer during the purchasing process are final data that are not subject to change after shipment or delivery to the customer.

7. 30CARE Sp. z O. O. reserves the right to change prices and alter or remove any special offers from time to time and as it sees fit.

8. All orders must be pre-paid.


1. Deliveries are carried out by external, independent, and professional Carriers:

2. Shipping costs are covered by the Customer according to the price chart available at all times on the Platform unless free shipping applies; delivery costs are added to the total value of ordered Goods.

3. Goods are shipped to the address provided by the Customer. Should there be any address-related issues with delivery, 30CARE Sp. z O. O. will contact the Customer immediately.

4. Delivery time varies depending on the country of delivery;

5. If – before handing over a package to the Customer – the Carrier states that it is either damaged or incomplete, the Carrier and the Customer will determine a cause and execute an adequate protocol stating the facts concerning the defect. The same rule applies where the Customer claims that the package is damaged upon arrival.

6. If Goods are being ordered from outside of the European Union, import duties and taxes may apply, and be charged against and borne by the Customer.


1. 30CARE Sp. z O. O. delivers Goods that are free of defects, be it physical or legal. Should the Goods be defective, the Customer may file a complaint and demand that either:
– the price is proportionately reduced, a correction invoice is served, and a refund is effected; or
– the Good is substituted with a non-defective counterpart; or
– the pecuniary refund is effected and a correction invoice served.

2. In its relations with 30CARE Sp. z O. O. the Customer cannot take advantage of the statutory warranty as regards the Goods.

3. All complaints should be reported to the premiumcare.shop team either by a dedicated Complaints module found under “My Account”, or in the case of non-registered Customers email or a relevant form attached to the Goods; the defective Goods should be delivered to the Warehouse at the following address: Zemborzycka 59F, 20-445, Lublin, Poland

4. Complaints will be addressed within 14 days of delivery of the defective Goods. The Customer will be informed immediately regarding its complaint, either by phone or email.

5. Complaints can also be lodged with respect to the Services at hello@premiumcare.shop


1. Certain Goods may be covered by a warranty issued/provided by their manufacturer or distributor.

2. The warranty coverage will be made known to the Customer on the E-Store.

3. The warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend Customer’s rights under the warranty provisions for defects of the sold goods.


1. All customers who are subject in a long-distance purchasing contract may withdraw from the contract without giving a reason by submitting a relevant statement within 14 days.

A customer should submit a withdrawal request by e-mail to hello@premiumcare.shop 

2. Should the customer want to withdraw from the Purchasing Agreement prior to the Seller accepting it, the contract shall not be binding at once.

3. A customer should return the goods immediately, but not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the goods and informing the Seller of the return.

4. Should the Goods be used or damaged in any way that might diminish their market value, the Customer will be burdened with an appropriate value decrease.

5. The right of withdrawal is reserved for all items that are returned without permanent damage to either the package or the item itself and where there is no concern for health and hygiene breaches.

6. In case of return, the Seller shall reimburse the Customer for all payments received immediately and in any case not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the goods back to the Seller's warehouse, not including the original cost of delivery of the goods, as well as the cost of additional charges such as, taxes and duties in the country of receipt.

7. The cost of a return package is fully covered by the customer.


1. The discount code entitles you to a discount on the amount indicated by the premiumcare.shop e-store. The store reserves the right to change the terms of any special offer at any given time. Discount codes have specific expiration dates.

Once you have passed that date, the system will reject the code.

2. The special offers in the form of discount codes apply only to premiumcare.shop customers who entered the correct code in the “Discount Code” field and confirmed it with the “activate” button when placing the order. Providing a valid discount code in the designated field will reduce the value of the ordered goods by the percentage or monetary value as indicated by the code itself.

3. One discount code can be used accordingly for one order.


1. Each Customer may resign from any service that the Seller provides electronically at any time with immediate effect by refraining from using such service unless the Terms and Conditions provide otherwise.

2. Newsletter Subscription is free of charge service provided by the Seller to those Customers who voluntarily agreed to it.

3. In order to subscribe for a Newsletter, the Customer must do the following: (a) fill a required form on a designated subpage of premiumcare.shop while providing his or her email address. ; (b) accept all Terms and Conditions together with all compulsory on-line data processing agreements; (c) activate the “sign me up!” button ; (d) confirms their decision by clicking a link provided by the Seller in a designated electronic message.

4. Once the activation link sent to the Customer’s email has been used, an agreement for the delivery of the Newsletter service is set between the Seller and the Customer for an indefinite period of time.

5. The Customer may at any time terminate the Newsletter Service Agreement by deactivating the subscription.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending a will statement to hello@premiumcare.shop or via the “Unsubscribe me” button found in the newsletter emails. The agreement will also be terminated if the Customer removes the Account.

6. The consent to receive electronic purchasing offers is fully voluntary and can be revoked at any given moment by the Customer.

7. Commenting is based on providing the Customers with means of electronic service that allow them to place their subjective opinions on each product found on the website. All opinions are pre-approved by our staff and can be found at a specific product subpage and are visible to all Customers at all times.


1. The Seller might change these Terms of Service for significant legal or technical reasons. Each change into the terms of service will be declared as stated below.

2. Registered Users will be notified of any amendment of the Terms and Conditions in an email sent no later than 14 (fourteen) days before the new regulations come into force. Unregistered Clients will be notified of this in a pop-up message displayed on the E-Store’s main page for 14 (fourteen) days before the new Terms come into force. During this time, the Client must again accept or refuse to accept the Terms and Conditions.


All content making up the Platform including, without limitation, text, graphics, logos, icons, images, data compilations, layout, underlying code, and software is the property of 30CARE Sp. z O. O.,  its affiliates or relevant third parties. The Customer may not use the content otherwise than as part of the Platform and only for the purposes strictly connected with the use of Services or purchase of Goods.

The Customer will be directly and fully liable for unauthorized use or other abuse of the content or other IP rights owned or otherwise controlled or enjoyed by 30CARE Sp. z O. O. ithout prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the data stored or hosted at the request of the Customer in its Account or otherwise within the Platform remains the property and/or responsibility of the Customer, and the Customer will defend, indemnify and hold 30CARE Sp. z O. O. harmless from and against any and all claims, suits, and charges made, initiated or addressed on account of an alleged, proven or actual infringement of third-party’s rights.


1. The Customer can contact 30CARE Sp. z O. O. via:

– Email: hello@premiumcare.shop;

– Phone: +48 22 6022862;

– Registered mail: Hugo Kollataja 3 /15, 20–006, Lublin, Poland.

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