How the microbiome of the skin affects its health, beauty, and youthfulness

How the microbiome of the skin affects its  health, beauty, and youthfulness

Did you know that the skin is an ecosystem full of invisible inhabitants or microorganisms that form its unique microbiome? Were you aware that abnormalities in the microbiome directly affect the condition of your skin? Do you have acne, excessive oiliness or sensitivity, signs of premature aging, and you have tried many things, but the problem remains? Maybe it's time to pay attention to the skin microbiome! Here's why the microbiome is important and how the right approach to your skin's micro-environment can help improve your skin's condition. To provide as much useful and educative information as possible, we have engaged Evelin Tarasova, a doctor, practicing cosmetologist, and beauty trainer from 30CARE s.r.o. (Czech Republic), to assist us in preparing this material.

Now, what is the microbiome of the skin? The microbiome is the numerous bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that live on the surface of the skin. This diverse community interacts with the skin and each other, affecting both the skin's health and appearance. Does this sound a bit complicated? That's why the explanation is understandably explained below by our consultant:

Evelin Tarasova: doctor, cosmetologist, and beauty trainer 30CARE s.r.o.

«Simply speaking, we can say that there are "useful" and "harmful" microorganisms living on your skin, and if they are evenly distributed, nothing bothers you. If, for some reason "harmful" (pathogenic) microorganisms are much more numerous, it leads to skin problems - rashes, sensitivity, dryness, flakiness, greasiness, premature aging, and in some cases leads even to skin diagnoses. Therefore, it is important to make sure that there is a balance between the inhabitants of your skin, "mutual understanding" and proper cooperation. In other words, ideally, there should always be more "useful" microorganisms, than "harmful" ones».

Evelin Tarasova: doctor, cosmetologist, and beauty trainer 30CARE s.r.o.

Let's take a look at why it's important to take proper care of your skin's microbiome next.

Why proper skin microbiome care is essential

The skin microbiome performs several critical functions that affect the health and condition of the skin.

  • Pathogen defense: Competing with skin pathogens: a healthy skin microbiome creates a competitive environment for pathogens, preventing them from multiplying and establishing on the skin surface.
  • Moisturization and firmness preservation: Certain microorganisms produce substances that provide moisture to the skin, making it soft and firm.
  • Maintaining skin health: Stimulation of cell regeneration: some microbes promote the regeneration of skin cells, supporting their normal function and recovery from damage.
  • Inflammation prevention: some components of the microbiome have anti-inflammatory effects, helping to avoid skin conditions and reduce inflammation.
  • Substance metabolism: Decomposition of residual skin secretions: some bacteria of the microbiome decompose various components such as sebum, which can prevent pollution and comedone formation.
  • Acidity (pH) regulation: Microorganisms help to maintain the skin's regular acidity level, which is important for maintaining protective function.
  • Immune Response Modulation: Immune system support: microbes interact with immune system cells to help maintain an optimal immune response and prevent or reduce inflammation.

Preserving these functions through proper care of the facial microbiome is an important step to ensure healthy skin and is beneficial not only for the skin's appearance but also for overall physical and emotional well-being.

«It has been proven that skin with a high-quality microbiome ages slower, is better protected from environmental influences, and retains moisture better. I think this is a strong argument for giving the microbiome the attention it deserves».

Evelin Tarasova: doctor, cosmetologist, and beauty trainer 30CARE s.r.o.

Therefore, it is important to choose face care products that keep the microbiome balanced.

The Symptoms of a disrupted skin microbiome

Our skin's ecosystem often faces threats that can disturb its balance. Overuse of antibiotics, aggressive cleansers, and antimicrobial agents can reduce microbial diversity.

The Symptoms of a disrupted skin microbiome

Environmental stressors, poor diet, and aggressive treatment of certain skin conditions also contribute to a disrupted microbiome. Symptoms that most commonly occur are:

  1. Inflammation and sensitivity of the skin
  2. Visible changes in appearance: Rashes, Uneven skin tone.
  3. Increased sensitivity to external agents: Disruption of the microbiome can cause skin to become more sensitive to external agents, which can contribute to worsening allergic reactions.
  4. Moisturization problems: Dry and flaky skin.
  5. Increased risk of infections: A decrease in the protective role of the microbiome can increase the risk of infections and other skin conditions.
  6. Overall appearance deterioration: Loss of freshness and radiance.

How to restore and maintain a healthy microbiome of your skin at home?

Fortunately, modern cosmetology does not stand still and manufacturers of beauty care products offer solutions for taking care of the microbiome. It is worth noting that today such solutions are not offered by all cosmetic companies, but only a few of them. In our online store, one such innovative solution for microbiome care is the Pro Microbiome line from the German professional brand REVIDERM. The line includes 3 face serums for different skin types and needs. They can be included in your daily care in combination with other products.

The purpose of REVIDERM Pro Microbiome is to normalize the natural skin microflora and, as a result, to eliminate such problems and imperfections as redness, age spots, acne, excessive seborrhea or dryness, inflammation, and irritation.

The distinctive feature of REVIDERM Pro Microbiome is the combination of strong active ingredients with probiotics, prebiotics, and communication conductors in one product. In no other cosmetic product will you find such an innovative combination of components as in the Pro Microbiome line. After all, Reviderm is a long-established cosmetic brand that always strives to provide effective skincare solutions by combining scientific expertise and high-quality ingredients. The brand specializes in advanced skincare solutions and is recommended by dermatologists from over 50 countries.

REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Products

REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Oily Skin

REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Oily Skin

The unique REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Concentrate for oily and problem skin helps to prevent inflammation and gives the skin a radiant glow with regular use.

It contains a special microbiome complex that protects the skin from harmful impurities, maintains clarity, provides a bright and even complexion, and restores the bacterial diversity of the skin. REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Oily Skin is formulated to meet the needs of oily and problem skin.

«For those who know how to read formulations, it will be immediately clear that the product deserves attention. This is a really valuable serum for owners of oily and problem skin, as it combines not only "food" for useful microorganisms, but also azelaic acid, which is the most powerful acid for fighting acne and inflammation. After all, for a long time, it was believed that acids and prebiotics could not be combined in one product without losing their properties. Another important component of the serum is Noni extract, which blocks signals and connections between pathogenic microorganisms, thus preventing them from interacting and multiplying. As a result, pathogenic microorganisms are conditionally "blocked", while beneficial ones multiply and function with renewed vigor».

Evelin Tarasova: doctor, cosmetologist, and beauty trainer 30CARE s.r.o.

REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Dry Skin

REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Dry Skin

The innovative REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Dry Skin Concentrate provides an optimal balance of moisture levels for dry skin.

The product restores the bacterial diversity of the skin and promotes the formation of ceramides. As a result, moisture loss is prevented and the youthfulness and freshness of the skin are preserved. REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Dry Skin is formulated to meet the needs of dry skin and aims to prevent premature aging.

REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Aged Skin

REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Aged Skin

REVIDERM Pro Microbiome Aged Skin's innovative formula helps balance mature skin and slow premature aging by restoring the microbiome.

The innovative I.N.L. Microbiome Complex works in tandem with biotech Agebioticum to provide a healthy skin microclimate. The microbial complex and other ingredients in this product are specially formulated to meet the needs of mature and aging skin.

«Pro Microbiome for Aged and Dry Skin is similar in action, although it contains different active ingredients. Both have a powerful moisturizing and anti-aging effect. How it works: if your skin is dominated by pathogens, it will 100% have problems with its barrier and ability to retain moisture. Therefore, by improving the quality of the microbiome composition, we automatically get a stronger barrier, improved ability to retain moisture, and an anti-aging effect. If you are considering these serums, it is worth a try. However, as with everything you need regularity. With regular use, the effect will not be long in coming».

Evelin Tarasova: doctor, cosmetologist, and beauty trainer 30CARE s.r.o.

Increasing the diversity of beneficial bacteria on the skin protects it from harmful substances, keeps it clean, provides a bright, even complexion, and helps to maintain softness and youthfulness.

You can purchase the REVIDERM Pro Microbiome product line in our online store. PremiumCare.Shop is an official seller of the Reviderm brand, and our support team will be happy to help you choose the right care. Thank you for your attention!


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