Proper care of hand skin in winter

Proper care of hand skin in winter

When frosts come on the street, the skin of the hands have really tough times - under the negative influence of wind and cold (as well as dry air in the room due to batteries), it coarsens, flakes, shrinks, may turn red or become covered with cracks. Even if you do not observe such consequences on your handles, you still need to take into account that in winter, the protective functions of the skin weaken and the result may be premature aging of the skin, as well as problems in the future. In this article, we will give a number of recommendations for caring for your hands during the cold season, so that they remain tender, soft and beautiful.

Use gloves

To protect the skin from the cold air, warm gloves or mittens are required. Also, rubber gloves are needed all year round when washing dishes, cleaning apartment - chemicals negatively affect the protective functions of the skin, lead to its aging, dryness, and irritation.

Wash your hands with warm water and dry

The skin does not like temperature extremes. Even if you are very cold outside, do not run directly under the hot water. Use a warm water and always dry your hands with towel (this will keep the moisture inside).

Find a good nourishing cream

And you need to use it constantly - after washing your hands, before going outside, after cleaning. The task of the cream is to restore the protective layer, moisturize, soften the skin, and saturate with useful elements.

An example of a great product is Basic Line hand and nail cream from premium organic cosmetics manufacturer Oceanwell. The product contains seawater, kelp extract, aloe vera, jojoba and shea oils. Provides elasticity, softness, long-term hydration of the skin, protects against stress and dryness. The product is natural, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals.

To find out more about the product and buy it, follow the link Basic Line Oceanwell Hand and Nail Cream.

Humidify the air at home

When the heating is turned on, the air in the house becomes especially dry, which leads to dehydration of the skin and the first signs of aging. Someone buys air humidifiers - if you do not have this opportunity, we recommend placing a container of water next to the battery.

Do care procedures

Gentle scrubbing 1-2 times a week will help rid the skin of impurities and dead cells, improve blood circulation, and enhance the effect of the cream. One good homemade scrub recipe: 3 tbsp. of olive oil + 2 tbsp. of sugar. If you take purchased products, then you need special hand scrubs - for the face or for the body, they will not work.

Hand baths with the addition of oils and masks will also be useful - they will help to keep the skin of the hands soft and tender. The bath option - olive oil + warm water + a little lemon juice (hold your hands for 10-15 minutes). Effective natural mask: grated raw potatoes + 3-4 drops of lemon juice + 1 tsp. of honey (keep for 10-15 minutes, rinse with cool water). The stores also sell special mask gloves for hand care.

Follow these recommendations - and the skin of your hands will remain soft, healthy and youthful for a long time.


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